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Terrible experience, it is a SCAM, they take advantage of people who want to learn how to invest in real state. It is a fraud! First they didn't follow a curriculum included in the printed material The information was very limited, they spent most the time trying to sell other expensive courses Un accurate information, no experience in local m markets, and they didn't let us to ask questions. It looked like a motivational seminar, the instructor... Read more

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Similar to the real state training, this is a big sales workshop. I just finished the 3 days stock trading training today and it was a big disappointment. When I singed up at the free seminar I asked about the agenda for this training and they told me: day 1 fundamental analysis and technical analysis, day 2 options, day 3 forex, etc. and I thought great! this is what I am looking for, but the reality is that the training just gives you high... Read more

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I want to change my financial circumstance and I was in a time in my life Elite Legacy sounded so good. I was invited to attend the three day seminar. I got in, now I have a massive amount of credit card debt, because that is what they do...use a third party company to take credit card debt which you pay a fee for them to do that. At first you are excited because you are meeting new people and you getting a different mindset on creating wealth;... Read more

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This is possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with. They will scam you 100%. I signed up for a 3 day class and decided I didn't want to do it anymore. I and 10 days to cancel for a FULL refund. I cancelled on day 3 and they still have not given me back my money. DONT DO IT, please take my advice. They are scam artists!!!!!! Save your money!!!!!

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I attended a "rich dad" seminar being a fan of his books. I attended the free class and since I enjoyed his books decided to try the 3-day class. Dont remember what i paid exactly but it was a few hundred dollars. I only ended up going 2 days and was pretty disappointed. Very much contridicted advice in his books. He stated in one of his books that he would never advise starting a business with a credit card, but here at his class they give you... Read more

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High pressure sales scam. Encouraging you to get and max out credit cards Read more

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First off let me say that the info I got at this 3 day seminar, in which I only attended the first two days, was valuable. but when i say valuable its valuable in the same sense that someone who doesn't have internet don't know that there is free *** out there. Let me explain. I found out about the rich dad poor dad one day free seminar on instagram. red flag number one. i decided to ignore my skepticism and say eff it! i'm desperate. its free.... Read more

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It blows my mind that people speak negatively about information they feel is too expensive and yet say nothing about paying thousands for things that give you absolutely NO RETURN on your investment. Having attended their workshop the information they give will OBVIOUSLY not sit well with the 99%-ers whose MINDSET is not changed nor opened, does not value what The Rich Dad Company is teaching, and neither are they willing to put in the time to... Read more

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This was the worst use of my money. This was a very expensive program and I got so little out of it. The program is a rehashing of his books and doesn't offer anything additional including the coaching. If you are part of the real estate program, you will be called and solicited by many vendors saying that you need to sign up with them in order to be successful in real estate. Their call center is another scam. They make it seem that you can... Read more

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