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It blows my mind that people speak negatively about information they feel is too expensive and yet say nothing about paying thousands for things that give you absolutely NO RETURN on your investment. Having attended their workshop the information they give will OBVIOUSLY not sit well with the 99%-ers whose MINDSET is not changed nor opened, does not value what The Rich Dad Company is teaching, and neither are they willing to put in the time to... Read more

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This was the worst use of my money. This was a very expensive program and I got so little out of it. The program is a rehashing of his books and doesn't offer anything additional including the coaching. If you are part of the real estate program, you will be called and solicited by many vendors saying that you need to sign up with them in order to be successful in real estate. Their call center is another scam. They make it seem that you can... Read more

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It sucks. Don't do it. Regretfully I did and the year before I even encouraged another guy to do it. He also regrets it. It's like his books- attractive and appealing but very little substance. One example is the "exclusive and free accountant coaching call" which wasn't a coaching call at all, it was a slimy accounting company in Texas that Kiyosaki allows to access coaching clients so they can give their sales-pitch on an overpriced entity... Read more

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I signed up for their international coaching program. 30 days free trial. I did not receive my login details, got suspicious and contacted them. I was promised a cancellation and refund. Almost 3 months later and no refund, and no reply to my emails. I am from South Africa. Add comment

The information is good but the mentors are very misleading. You don't come away with an ability to start unless you buy into a bundle of classes and you don't get a guarantee. They don't know how to stay within their time frame. On Mother's Day they were supposed to end at 4:00 and I went to 5:00 and that was after they promised to get us done by 2:00 so we can go and enjoy our Mother's Day. And they hold you captive by promising some info... Read more

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Well, I attended that three day class April 29th-May 1st & I was completely blown away from the info I received! Like you said, Trevor is an excellent speaker & the information he put out was worth more than $500! I felt no pressure to buy more courses, but I did feel pressure to change my circumstances! What he said about being a criminal was nothing but truth because if you're not claiming all the money you're making, you're evading taxes!... Read more

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I attended the 3 day class and it was just awesome. Im going to apply the understanding that i received and use it to save more money than i paid. Of course there are more opportunities with this company my suggestion would be take it. When we go to any type of school we have to pay so why not pay for something that will pay back generously not in just money but as a person as well. Add comment

I initially attended the free Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar in the Hampton Roads area and the two hour seminar was filled with sale pitch language from start to finish.  I was sold and took the bait, paid $500 to attend the three day seminar training. I attended the 3 day real estate investment training course in Norfolk Virginia and received basic general information that is helpful, and bombarded with insults if you did not purchase the... Read more

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just returned from free seminar - it was OK to get some ideas, but the guy agressively advertised a 3-day seminar for "just" 997EUR, and it was clear that the free event was just a bait. As far as I understand, the 3-day seminar is another bait for a bigger fish, nothing else. It's a pity - I expected to see some books/CDs/DVDs for sale and I would consider it normal even if they were a bit overpriced, but here we saw a scheme which resembles... Read more

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I have signed up for the 3 days programme ($1,250.00). However, due to some circumstances, I need to cancel the reservation. I have sent several email and left several voice messages by calling them directly to reverse the charges but have no success. Spoken to a few difference people on UK (their staffs, problem have not resolve). Signed up on the 20 February 2016, cancellation email sent on 25 February 2016, have not receive any reply. Resent... Read more

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