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I found that I could have gotten all the information on line or at other real estate sites for free. A lot of the information was just basic education not indebt enough to make any money. it takes money to make money in real estate. I was lied to and told I could get 100% of my money back by one of the trainers. a lie of course. I'm attempting to make money, but have not so far. It took me 2... Read more

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Went to a 3 day so called educational weekend. I paid $500 & recieved NOTHING tangable that I could in my current real estaye business. James Smith is a very slick huckster selling their entry package to a 3 day course for $500. Lauri Waddel & her counterpart Brandon Diaz were selling themselves as great Americans that got the "American Dream" & this family will help you do so also. They... Read more

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Absolutely disappointed. I paid $500 for " Real Estate training seminar", all I heard was "If you want to learn real estate deals, pay $35000 first". I don't expect to get really advance education with 500 dollars, but at least give me some basics. But no, all they did is trying to sale you a program by build up a dream (What you can do when you have a lot of money), sale you the dream, and... Read more

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They know how to hook you in, but if you don't want to be ripped off, do not sign up. My friend and I signed up for the real estate and financial workshop and we got nothing but another sales pitch to pay for more workshops. Trust me, I'm not a downer to those that want to successed financially in life, however; these workshops are a total scam. We got more sales pitch and the promises were never... Read more

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the 4 pillars of investing was supposed to give lifetime access.. evidently not, see for yourself in this link "Something Went Wrong This could be the result of a problem with one of our systems, one of our provider's systems, or with just this area of the site. Sometimes this is also due to a misconfiguration on the part of the account owner. We... Read more

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BUYERS BEWARE: I'd just like to share that I've tried to email his support staff up to no avail. It's been weeks since the email I sent them. When I bought "The 4 Pillars Of Investing" after reading his book, I was told that this was going to be a lifetime access, apparently NOT. Going back to the dashboard of the course, I can't seem to access it anymore as proven in the link below. I wouldn't... Read more

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Buy a Rich Dad package and get pounced on by the smiling Aaron Adam at Alpine PASSIVE INCOME. With your trust secured by the Rich Dad hype the Alpine staff will schmooze you into buying rehabbed home that once you buy them they will need thousands in repairs. BEWARE ALSO THE HOMES ARE OVER PRICED UP TO 100% OVER MARKET. THIER COMPS ARE A SHAM. THEIR MANAGEMENT IS A JOKE. THEIR RETURNS ARE LIES.... Read more

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After much reviewing and thinking I signed up for this whatever you'd like to call it. I must say I am thoroughly disappointed and I am wondering why isn't there a class action lawsuit against them . I am looking into filing one because it's ridiculous what they're doing. Add comment

After the three day seminar, I was impressed so I signed up for one of the packages. A few days later i find a company that does the same thing, their local, I can see them and speak with them in person, their most expensive package is just over the lowest amout of Elite Legacy's cheapest package, and you don't have to pay extra for the mentor. In fact you get an unlimited supply of mentors, an... Read more

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Not happy. The first day of the three day training course seemed like nothing more then an infomercials sales pitch. The guy teaching couldn't do basic math ie 45k x 4 =160k. I've learned much more from personal research online as well as talking to my uncle who's been a successful real estate investor for the last 25 years with a net worth around 25m currently. There was a few useful things we... Read more

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