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I attended the 3 day class and it was just awesome. Im going to apply the understanding that i received and use it to save more money than i paid. Of course there are more opportunities with this company my suggestion would be take it. When we go to any type of school we have to pay so why not pay for something that will pay back generously not in just money but as a person as well. Add comment

I initially attended the free Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar in the Hampton Roads area and the two hour seminar was filled with sale pitch language from start to finish.  I was sold and took the bait, paid $500 to attend the three day seminar training. I attended the 3 day real estate investment training course in Norfolk Virginia and received basic general information that is helpful, and bombarded with insults if you did not purchase the product. Trevor Evans, a excellent speaker and has benefitted from the program told the class... Read more

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just returned from free seminar - it was OK to get some ideas, but the guy agressively advertised a 3-day seminar for "just" 997EUR, and it was clear that the free event was just a bait. As far as I understand, the 3-day seminar is another bait for a bigger fish, nothing else. It's a pity - I expected to see some books/CDs/DVDs for sale and I would consider it normal even if they were a bit overpriced, but here we saw a scheme which resembles the one of the TV store ("...and we add three ceramic knives for free"), but is much more expensive.... Read more

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I have signed up for the 3 days programme ($1,250.00). However, due to some circumstances, I need to cancel the reservation. I have sent several email and left several voice messages by calling them directly to reverse the charges but have no success. Spoken to a few difference people on UK (their staffs, problem have not resolve). Signed up on the 20 February 2016, cancellation email sent on 25 February 2016, have not receive any reply. Resent several email and make several phone calls, still no refund. The programme commencing on the 18... Read more

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Every month you have to travel to different locations to complete the courses, costing more money. The seminars are opportunities to upselk you on more expensive classes and other products. It may have been ok if I were making money. It's a dog and pony show for the most part. Add comment

This is a fraud company They are making money in training and selling products but not actually helping real estate Add comment

*** program to steal hard earn money. Referring rich dad name.. Add comment

I found that I could have gotten all the information on line or at other real estate sites for free. A lot of the information was just basic education not indebt enough to make any money. it takes money to make money in real estate. I was lied to and told I could get 100% of my money back by one of the trainers. a lie of course. I'm attempting to make money, but have not so far. It took me 2 years to pay back 1/2 of what I spend and the membership only for 2 years. I was encouraged to put in on my credit card. Borrowing money for real estate... Read more

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Went to a 3 day so called educational weekend. I paid $500 & recieved NOTHING tangable that I could in my current real estaye business. James Smith is a very slick huckster selling their entry package to a 3 day course for $500. Lauri Waddel & her counterpart Brandon Diaz were selling themselves as great Americans that got the "American Dream" & this family will help you do so also. They preached that people around us were the most important thing & not the real estate or the deal. But the moment you said you were not slapping down... Read more

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Absolutely disappointed. I paid $500 for " Real Estate training seminar", all I heard was "If you want to learn real estate deals, pay $35000 first". I don't expect to get really advance education with 500 dollars, but at least give me some basics. But no, all they did is trying to sale you a program by build up a dream (What you can do when you have a lot of money), sale you the dream, and tell you if you want the dream to come true, just buy the very expensive program. They brain washed you that if you don't pay, you are the 99% loser. ... Read more

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