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I just attended the 3 day course in Auckland New Zealand. Peter M was the head spokes person. I went to the free seminar and then i had to pay to do the 3 day course which was around $650 per person and they promised that they were going to tell us every thing we needed to know about real estate. when i got to the 3 day seminar/course it was all about them trying to scam u into another $35k course it was such a scam. LEGACY EDUCATION ARE... Read more

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I am currently in high school and was able to attend the 3 day training for $300 since I attended the free workshop prior to the training. On day 1, the first 3.5 hours were wasted on the instructors telling their background stories and inspiring people on how they can become just like them, rich and successful. Around 5 people in the room had just left because of this and dozens complained out loud on when the real estate training was going to... Read more

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We are a couple of investors, business owners and hard workers, who have had the luck (with hard work) to be successful on our businesses. We have done a couple of successful real estate deals in the past, and we thought assisting to this *"seminar" (* aka: scam, motivational comedy), would improve our abilities and will allow us to learn new skill sets. When the course started, the first actor started to talk about how his life was miserable,... Read more

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2-3 times a week after attending the basic course, which was only a course to upsell into the elite training that cost several thousand dollars, I receive phone calls saying "your small business qualifies for a line of credit now" or recordings saying "don't hang up, 5 years ago I received a call like this and it changed my business and wealth forever" complete SCAMS! So basically Rich Dad Education sold my information to sh*tty telemarketing... Read more

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Wanna learn how to make money? First pay $500. Now, here is the secret info: Herd a few hundred people in a room and work their brains until they give you money. Wanna know how to herd in a few hundred people? It will cost you $20k...but for a limited time it's FREE but you must ACT NOW and read on. DISCLAIMER: The above was a reenactment of a potential income stream opportunity. No real people were used, swindled or injured. WARNING!: The... Read more

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I would like to hear from candidates who have taken the advanced courses and have had the success that is being promised. I took the three day course and it was really a sales pitch for the advanced training costing $12,500 to $52,500. What I found offensive was being told that one's failure to register for those courses meant that one was either broke or ***. I found that the speaker's knowledge of taxation was inaccurate. This made me wonder... Read more

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Extremely disappointed to have fallen a victim of their scam. Although I am extremely cautious when something "free" is offered, I decided to attend their free seminar due to the prestige from Kiyosaki (who wasn't of course the speaker). Even worse, I was naive enough to spend $500 in a 3-day seminar which to summarize, was just a sales presentation of their other classes, coaching and software. By the second day I finally realized that I had... Read more

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Terrible experience, it is a SCAM, they take advantage of people who want to learn how to invest in real state. It is a fraud! First they didn't follow a curriculum included in the printed material The information was very limited, they spent most the time trying to sell other expensive courses Un accurate information, no experience in local m markets, and they didn't let us to ask questions. It looked like a motivational seminar, the instructor... Read more

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Similar to the real state training, this is a big sales workshop. I just finished the 3 days stock trading training today and it was a big disappointment. When I singed up at the free seminar I asked about the agenda for this training and they told me: day 1 fundamental analysis and technical analysis, day 2 options, day 3 forex, etc. and I thought great! this is what I am looking for, but the reality is that the training just gives you high... Read more

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I want to change my financial circumstance and I was in a time in my life Elite Legacy sounded so good. I was invited to attend the three day seminar. I got in, now I have a massive amount of credit card debt, because that is what they do...use a third party company to take credit card debt which you pay a fee for them to do that. At first you are excited because you are meeting new people and you getting a different mindset on creating wealth;... Read more

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