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Thank you guys this was all helpful. I also signed up for this 3 day workshop hoping to learn something new. The first day was such a waste because the speaker spent 6 hours telling us stories and how times are changing. The second day is when I got maybe 3 hours worth of general information and promises that he will go over the bulk of the good stuff on day 3. Meanwhile I had a one on one with a mentor and was told about the packages, which I... Read more

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Rich Dad Education -  Rich Dad free options webinar
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The first webinar I thought was very good. The Rich Dad free options webinar. The teacher talked about using a software called ivest. showed us how to use it a little and it looked very good. Very promising. I learned a great deal. At anyrate they sold me on the next 2 day classes at a discount for $97 supposed to be $899. I can log into my account and listen to the webinars but I haven't done that yet. But for the... Read more

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It is heavily OVERpriced and the people in the business do not have sufficient knowledge to "take you under their wing" and help you. My investment was a complete waste. I would have been better off buying a book and doing it myself. I was mentored by Eric Hippen, our phone sessions resulted in 0 money for me. Everything was an upscale in this company. Once you spend, you'll have to continue to spend and they will justify it by saying it's... Read more

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We attended the 3 day Rich Dad Education training in Melbourne in October 2016. We had been to the free seminar and invested over $1000 for the 3 day training. We were hoping to get some great strategies in investing in real estate however all we got was 3 days of pre framing and up selling to their mentoring program. The mentoring program was priced between $34000-$64000 which is excessive! Unless you are willing to invest in the mentoring... Read more

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I attended 3 hours free seminar and it was with filled sales pitch for next one so i was sold and purchased three day training for Real Estate.Trevor is the trainer and it was so embarrassing to listen to him that looks like he has no respect of you and use insulting words very often.He will ask you question and mention to reply honestly and if you reply honestly then he will shout in front of all and prove that you are a ***.I am scared of to... Read more

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Okay so im in the training right now in Memphis, TN with Bryece. Paid 300.00 to be here in the training and now they want a minimum of 12,500 for 4 different teirs of training. Why do you need to coollect so much money if they want you to excel. And this money can't be installments only a lump sum. They want you to open several credit cards or loans to get her done. They say you don't need your own money but you need you have to use loans and... Read more

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I just was robbed of $536. This was one of the worst mistakes I've made with my money. I regret buying this 100%. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THIS PROGRAM! They want you to continue the program and help you BUT it's $12000-$65000!!!! When I saw the prices I couldn't believe my eyes. Going into this program they tell you "you don't have to use your own money" but um obviously that's not the case. I'm so upset with Robert. Read more

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I just attended the 3 day course in Auckland New Zealand. Peter M was the head spokes person. I went to the free seminar and then i had to pay to do the 3 day course which was around $650 per person and they promised that they were going to tell us every thing we needed to know about real estate. when i got to the 3 day seminar/course it was all about them trying to scam u into another $35k course it was such a scam. LEGACY EDUCATION ARE... Read more

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I am currently in high school and was able to attend the 3 day training for $300 since I attended the free workshop prior to the training. On day 1, the first 3.5 hours were wasted on the instructors telling their background stories and inspiring people on how they can become just like them, rich and successful. Around 5 people in the room had just left because of this and dozens complained out loud on when the real estate training was going to... Read more

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We are a couple of investors, business owners and hard workers, who have had the luck (with hard work) to be successful on our businesses. We have done a couple of successful real estate deals in the past, and we thought assisting to this *"seminar" (* aka: scam, motivational comedy), would improve our abilities and will allow us to learn new skill sets. When the course started, the first actor started to talk about how his life was miserable,... Read more

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