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We are a couple of investors, business owners and hard workers, who have had the luck (with hard work) to be successful on our businesses. We have done a couple of successful real estate deals in the past, and we thought assisting to this *"seminar" (* aka: scam, motivational comedy), would improve our abilities and will allow us to learn new skill sets.

When the course started, the first actor started to talk about how his life was miserable, and how enrolling to a $70,000 legacy course, changed his life. it all sounded like a bit “salesly” and “fake”, very similar to previous years experiences in ZRII conferences, and other network marketing-motivational type of gatherings. The room was packed with around 50 of us. Then, it started to get ugly: the first actor, was supposedly married to the second actress, they started quite talking if we were in a comedy or theater play, one responding to the other, yelling from one side of the room to the other where they started to bully the public, about how our lives were miserable, and how we were wrong on all we were doing in every aspect of our lives.

It was a little bit ok to hear this at the beginning, but a number of people (including us) in the room started to get anxious about why they wouldn’t start teaching the skill sets, in a professional/corporate type of way. After a couple of hours in that room it started to get frustrating, there was yelling all around, with fake “empathy” for ourselves and to explain why they loved us, and again, 120 seconds out of every minute, they “pushed” the idea as to why we would have to buy the course, same as they did, and now they were financially freedom (with lots of arrogance), but yet, nothing useful for us to absorb (if they “truly” cared about us – yeah right, what a flimsy sale tactic). The scam continued, until we started taking care of some personal and business matters over email, we decided to wait, but we weren’t listening to that BS for some more hours, so we decided to work from our phones and take care of daily routines. Suddenly the first actor, stopped my wife, and told her she should end texting on her cell phone.

She asked “why” very respectfully, and immediately with a tone of arrogance he asked her to leave the room. I was out grabbing some water, when I came in, she was getting all our computers and stuff out, super frustrated because of this embarrassing situation. I made a very formal and professional complaint to the receptionist, telling her what happened, and how we were not into this kind of sales push, and rather, we were taking charge of our businesses and other stuff, hopefully to see the conference get back on track to what was really useful for us as investors – we didn’t want a sales pitch, trying to sell us why not being employees, we are successful self-made entrepreneurs, we run multiple companies, we some tens of millions a year, but humbly we wanted to learn something new), well, they called the second actress, she came out of the room, and started almost humiliating us by not being inside listening to their fake story (I think her theatrical name was”Raquel”), I asked her why if we didn’t stop them from doing their thing altought I was in disagreement of how they were treating us (under my perspective, and under other 100’s of people’s perspective as well, after checking reviews – it was an incorrect way of selling a service) why should they stop me, so unprofessionally, from taking care of my stuff, until I could get attention to something useful in the meeting. She started saying sarcastically, how our business was wrong, and made us feel like little kids being punished by the almighty big brother (them), yes!

They are right, and we are very very wrong on what we are doing. According to their teachings, we should close our companies, and give them the money, to be another “blind supporter” to their cause. She asked us to leave the conference because we should not be there if we weren’t motivated to follow them and how they acted. We immediately told her we were out of there in a heartbeat.

I was so impressed of how people try to sell and make a living these days, just trying to scam other people, motivating their feelings on the wrong way, blindfolding them on a brighter future that does not exists (because their programs are not guaranteed, and they are very unreputable) that I decided to write this, for the careful and logic-minded driven people would read and make a decision of not wasting their money and 3 days of their lives on this theatrical scam. Then, I got to the office and started to see reviews, oh my god, maybe it was our fault by not doing our due diligence before.

hopefully if we can get some other thousands bad reviews about this scam, they can be shut off somehow, this should be even illegal. It’s a shame that such a great book as robert kiyosaki’s, is being misrepresented trough this fake show, do yourself a favor: invest in real state, but get backed up by real people, supported by real results.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rich Dad Education Seminar.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: No refund, Teaching system, Unprofessional with the customer, Fake and salesly, Its all a trap for upselling you.

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Rich Dad Education Verified Representative

Thank you for your comment. We invite current students who have found success with our teachings to come out and share their experience. Might this be what you are referring to?

to RichDadEducationCares #1420996

You are scammers! There are no success stories just actors....and fake reporters.

Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #1273800


First of all, thank you for your review. I have a small business with a partner and we were thinking about to contract their coaching program so we could learn financial education and have a plan personalized for our needs.

I'm glad I have seen reviews before contracting it, thanks to people like you.

I would like to ask you kindly for your help. Do you know any serious company / person that you could recommend to us that offers similar services?

I don't want to be writing too much in this comment but if you could give us some advices or help us, I would really appreciate it.

Best regards

Rohnert Park, California, United States #1226148

Thank you for your very accurate description of theses crukes, I am also a buissness man who was asked to leave because I make to much money, hum I thought I was there to learn about real estate, clearly they had other ideas, the word pyramid scam clearly comes to mind. If anyone especially, younger Peale read this please do not invest you money with this group in fact don't waste your time with the training they will shame you into investing. My wife and I were fortunate enough to recognize the scam and got out.

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