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I initially attended the free Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar in the Hampton Roads area and the two hour seminar was filled with sale pitch language from start to finish.  I was sold and took the bait, paid $500 to attend the three day seminar training. I attended the 3 day real estate investment training course in Norfolk Virginia and received basic general information that is helpful, and bombarded with insults if you did not purchase the product. Trevor Evans, a excellent speaker and has benefitted from the program told the class that we were *** or broke if we did not invest in the additional classes. Additionally, he referenced some investors in the class as criminals. A high pressure sales pitch to purchase more materials.

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I also attended the Rich Dad/Poor Dad Legacy Ed. Pro.

three day seminar, I was thoroughly disappointed and furious with the speaker, Trevor Evans. He has a big EGO and wants people to believe they are less than him. He kept referring to himself as Superman and he has to learn how to be nice to humans because they are so stupid. I would call it somewhat brainwashing process.

He gave you enough information that you could use to produce success, however, in order to actually put the ideas in place you need information from the software he is promoting in their 50,000 dollar online class. I asked why is the online class so expensive, what does it entail, no answer.

So basically you are paying 30,00- 50,000 for something that you are going to do on your own. jokes on you!!!!


Day2 of elite legacy training/upsell ... Trevor Evans really does cuss a lot however I was more insulted by how he pressure sell.

Learned such little content and more about his stories and all the other people stories.

Waste of my $700... very disappointing.

to Anonymous #1467882

I totally agree I initially attended the free seminar and was under the impression that the 3 day course would be the answer . So I paid $700 and was highly disappointed. People don’t just have $40k sitting around and i honestly could have kept my money because I didn’t learn anything


Today, Day 1

I almost left when we were told if we did not spend $35,000 on training we did not care about our family and there future. Guys sure swears a lot.

Columbia, Tennessee, United States #1257607

Just did it this weekend. Either *** or broke was his motto.

I felt cheated thought I was being taught right there but only fed more b.s.

To buy more classes.

Hollywood, Florida, United States #1182908

Thanks for this review. It is very accurate.

Trevor's style is very controversial.

I learned a few things during his seminar, but I felt that his insults kept bringing down the energy in the group. It just comes across as a desperate tactic to push the products.

Duluth, Georgia, United States #1178351

Trevor is the Bomb. Love it Love it Love it.

I didn't have the finances to purchase the program but through his knowledge will.

I am determined to succeed and what Trevor has done to enlightened me made a difference in all the generations of my family. Changing of the guards, I will no longer be a hostage of bondage.

Tangela from Stroke that Check


Well, I attended that same three day class April 29th-May 1st & I was completely blown away from the info I received! Like you said, Trevor is an excellent speaker & the information he put out was worth more than $500!

I felt no pressure to buy more courses, but I did feel pressure to change my circumstances! What he said about being a criminal was nothing but truth because if you're not claiming all the money you're making, you're evading taxes! That's a complete fact! He opened up to us beyond anything I thought he would do!

All in all, valuable weekend for me & I'm sorry you didn't stay for the time you paid for. You missed out in my opinion.

Everything is not for everybody. By the way, my name is Derrick & I would take that same three day class again!


Lol Mr trav beat me to it. I also attended this very class and I am here to say ( I sat right next to this person in class) I absorbed and loved every minute of it.

By day 3 me and my significant other wanted the knowledge and understanding so bad that we didn't care that he had 102 fever.

All I would like to say is I feel bad for you because you didn't and couldn't see the value.


I think posting negative commentary is unnecessary and pretty demeaning to others that attending this very class. From the seminar, on up to the very last day of the 3 day class, I was taught alot.

Trevor explained from day 1 that he understood that their were investors in the room and others that have no idea how to start investing, so patience was a virtue for those who already had previous experience. As for me as a new investor, I wasn't offended nor was I bored from the information because it was all an eye opener. Now was Trevor very direct and how he viewed poverty minded people, and how they want what they dont want to work for, yes, but who dont feel that way about the world today. Assuming that you didnt stay the whole weekend, he made it known on day 3 that he was doing it on purpose, because he know those would be the people with the least patience and the inability to consider the least person in the class and would probably leave before it was their time to be blessed.

Amd he did mention a scenerio about llc holders not reporting all their funds and said they are criminals but then said they are not criminals until the IRS report them, which in all he was stating a fact and making llc holders aware of what harm could be coming there way if they continue. Not to say your opinion doesn't count because its relevant to you and I respect everyone's opinion, but just to make you understand that your opinion of what the class was offered as trash, is no different than what you said that Trevor said to the class.

Because your trash was my treasure and that could also be offending to so many others that seen it differently. But bless you and I hope the best for Trevor as well.

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